Tap Into Healing Relationships with EFT Tapping

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Stress Relief and Emotional Healing

My EFT Tapping sessions provide a powerful and effective way to release stress, anxiety, and emotional pain.

Using gentle tapping on specific acupressure points, I help you let go of negative emotions and find inner peace.

Experience profound relief and healing with my expertise in EFT Tapping.

How I can help you

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At Tap for Joy, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve emotional freedom through EFT tapping. My practice is located in the beautiful city of Hamilton, New Zealand Aotearoa. As an experienced practitioner I use a combination of EFT tapping and other holistic techniques to help clients release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, allowing them to live a more fulfilling life. I believe in a client-centered approach, tailoring my techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Let me help you tap into your joy and live the life you deserve.

I offer face to face sessions at my clinic or via Zoom.

Ka kite wawe koe



Woman doing EFT on the finger point. Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine.

About me

My name is Lois Rowell. I am a specialist in Emotional Freedom Technique. My training was through The Centre of EFT Studies with Deborah Lindsey who is an expert in this field. I am a member of Association of EFT Professionals (AEFTP). My masters training has given me skills to operate at a higher level of competence. EFT provides tools and techniques to cope with todays’ hectic and unpredictable events.

For me personally, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) has been profound. It has brought me tremendous relief from my past traumas and relationship issues and given me a state of calmness and serenity that I did not know was possible. It changed my life. 

"If we don't release our stress we accumulate it"

Jefferee Clarkson



My Rates

Free Initial 20 minute Discovery Call

NZ$80.00 - One hour 

NZ$210.00 - (Package of 3 sessions)

NZ$360.00 - (Package of 6 sessions)

All sessions are 60 minutes